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Kbc Idea Pass Registration question 3rd Dated 15th September - Live at 8.00PM

Kbc Idea Pass Registration

Kaun Banega Crorepati was recently giving the chance for one more time on Hotseat as Second round registration which was started on 9th of September and go on till 11th September.Get Latest news updates and Quick question only at kbcofficial.co.in . This time means from 13th September Only IDEA users can play Idea Pass Registration for being a part of Hotseat and play live Kaun Banega Crorepati with Sir Bachan.

Question for Date 14th September 2014 will Update TODAY at 8.00 PM.Remember kbclive.blogspot.in is a part of kbcofficial.co.in and this website is fastest website for Kbc questions and news.

Last Date for Idea Users for be a part of HOTSEAT or KaunBanegaCrorepati.

The Last Question is updated and you have only the last chance to be on HOTSEAT this season.So answer quickly

Question for date 15th September 2014 updated.

Ques: 2014 marks the 200th anniversary of which sports venue?
             2014 स्थल खेल जो की 200 वीं वर्षगांठ के निशान है ?
B. Old Trafford
C. Lord's
D. Wimbledon

Lines open till tomorrow 16th September 2014 7.59.00 PM.Thanks Read more at kbcofficial.co.in

How to send Answer:

  1. Can call 5545601 If your answer is A
  2. Can call 5545602 If your answer is B
  3. Can call 5545603 If your answer is C
  4. Can call 5545604 If your answer is D
Can message also:

  • Sms KBC A and send it to 554567 If your answer is A
  • Sms KBC B and send it to 554567 If your answer is B
  • Sms KBC C and send it to 554567 If your answer is C
  • Sms KBC D and send it to 554567 If your answer is D

Question 2 Dated 14th August 2014 is updated.

  • Ques: Which of the Following Characters from the Hindu Epics was a married couple?
    • A. Yama -Yamuna
    • B. Drupada - Draupadi
    • C. Vasudeva - Yashoda
    • D. Lakshmana - Urmila
  •    एक शादीशुदा जोड़े हिंदू महाकाव्य से निम्न वर्ण का कौन सा था?

    • यम -यमुना 
    • द्रुपद - द्रौपदी 
    • वासुदेव - यशोदा 
    • लक्ष्मण - उर्मिला

Lines open till tomorrow 15th August 7.59 PM.Read more at kbcofficial.co.in

Only Idea Users can apply.

Question 1st Dated 13th September

Ques: By what name do we better know the TV Character Yudhisthir Sikarwar ?
          किस नाम से हम बेहतर टीवी चरित्र युधिस्ठिर  सिकरवार जानते हो?
A. Pradyuman
B. Yudh
C. Yuvi
D. Daya

Lines open till tomorrow 14th August 7.59 PM.Read more at kbcofficial.co.in


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1. KBC Registration for All users starting 2017
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