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Kbc Registration quiz season 8 2014: Day 1st

Kbc Registration quiz season 8 2014: Day 1st 

Kaun Banega Crorepati the game show which every one want to go and play on the hot seat with Amitabh Bachan sir.This is possible when you play our Kbc registration season 8 2014 quiz show which starts from now.
So easy to play..And when you play you win amount of recharge on your phone.
And the questions are :

1. What was the original name of Valmiki?

  1.  Divakar
  2.  Ravi Das
  3.  Ratnakar
  4.  Prabhakar

2. Lack of iron in the body causes a low level of which substances in blood?

  1.  Carbon Dioxide
  2.  Urea
  3.  Haemoglobin
  4.  Nitrogen

3. Which Indian Author wrote the novel 'The Financial Expert'?

  1.  R K Narayan
  2.  Nirad C Chaudhuri
  3.  Mulk Raj Anand
  4.  Rohinton Mistry
4. Which Indian state is a leading producer of saffron?

  1.  Tamil Nadu
  2.  Sikkim
  3.  Himachal Pradesh
  4.  Jammu & Kashmir
5. Which of these is not a stock market index?
  1.  Nikkei
  2.  Sensex
  3.  Dow Jones
  4.  GATT
6.Which Indian State or Union Territory was the last to be liberated from a colonial power?

  1.  Pondicherry
  2.  Goa
  3.  Arunachal Pradesh
  4.  Sikkim
7 .On what surface are French Open tennis matches played at the Roland Garros?
  1.  Grass
  2.  Synthetic
  3.  Clay
  4.  Concrete
8. Whose samadhi in Ahmedabad is called 'Abhay Ghat'?
  1.  Sardar Patel
  2.  C Rajagopalachari
  3.  Morarji Desai
  4.  Acharya Kripalani
9. Who is the first Indian cricketer to score a century in Test cricket for India?
  1.  Vijay Hazare
  2.  Lala Amarnath
  3.  Vijay Merchant
  4.  C K Nayudu
10. Which Mughal Emperor's father-in-law was Itmad-ud-daulah?
  1.  Shah Jahan
  2.  Jahangir
  3.  Aurangzeb
  4.  Humayun
You have only one time to give your answer
You have only one chance to give answer


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