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Manisha Kumari, Patna, Bihar - KBC Contestant.

Manisha Kumari, Patna, Bihar - KBC Contestant.
She is the first contestant on the set of KBC. 
She is a teacher from Patna.

Ques 01 : Which of these can be 'ghunghrale' or 'reshmi'?
A. Lips  B. Walk  C. Laughter D. Hair
Ans : Hair.

Ques 02 : 'Poplin', 'rubiya' and 'flannel' are types of what?
A. Leather  B. Plastic  C. Fabrics D. Rubber.
Ans :  C. Fabrics

Ques 03 : On a Clock Dial, how many complete revolutions does an hour hand make in 24 hours ?
A. One  B. Two C. Three  D. Four.
Ans : B. Two

Ques 04 : What types of animals are dinosaurs?
A. Reptiles  B. Mammals  C. Amphibians  D. Fish
Ans : A. Reptiles 

Ques 05 : In Which of these sports has India never won an Olympic medal ?
A. Badminton  B. Boxing C. Archery D. Wrestling
Ans : C. Archery

Ques 06 : Who among the following was named after a tree, under which she was found as a child?
A. Chitralekha  B. Karuvaki C. Amrapali D. Vasantasena
Ans : C. Amrapali

Ques 07 : Which of these national parks is not located in India ?
A. Sagarmatha National Park.
B. Corbett National Park.
C. Dachigam National Park.
D. Kanha National Park.
Ans : A. Sagarmatha National Park.

Ques 08 : Who among these ladies was the first to become a prime minister ?
A. Sheikh Hasina
B. Indira Gandhi
C. Margaret Thatcher
D. Banazir Bhutto
Ans : B. Indira Gandhi

Ques 09 : Which of these writers is better known as 'Shivani' in the literary world ?
A. Krishna Sobti
B. Mannu Bhandari
C. Ira Pande
D. Gaura Pant
Ans : B. Mannu Bhandari

She  Won : 6,40,000/-

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