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KBC-7 Questions of 14th Episode Dated 6th October 2013

Kaun Banega Crorepati

The Game show of 2013 on the Sony TV is reaching and breaking all the previous records in terms of popularity and entertainment and knowledge. The show KBC is getting is getting maximum visit on the internet worldwide, this means that KBC is not only in India but also in UK, USA. 
As far as Today's Episode is concerned it will be a Special one, we will see how a Doctor is saving his own life by having 20 painkillers a day. He will be our special contestant as he was fired and he is living with live bullets inside his body. 

Google Boy "Kautilya" is coming on KBC UP Next.......

Yesterday, we saw how Sumit Kumar Saxena , a contestant from Hajipur, vaishali. won 3,20,000/- . Deepa Sharma was our rollover contestant........ : 

3. Sher Singh Sutwaal, Haryana.
4. Sherya Prakash, Jharkhand.
5. Nirupama Rath, Odisha.
6. Rohit prakash saxena, Uttarpradesh.
7. Anisha H Saiyed, Gujrat.
8. Ankit Handa, Rajasthan.
9. Annpurna Tiwari, Uttar Pradesh.
10. Surendra Nath Datti. 

The Game will start @ 08:30 and then question will be updated till then keep visiting......

Continuing with Deepa Sharma....
Ques : Which of these Mughal emperors was imprisoned by his won son ?
A. Akbar  B. Jahangir  C. Aurangzeb   D. Shah Jahan
Ans : Shah Jahan

Ques : Shahtoosh is the name given to a specific kind of exquistic shawl, made from the hair of which animal?
A. Merino  B. Angora  C. Chiru  D. Pashmina
Ans : C. Chiru

Ques : Which of these chief ministers was a High Court judge before entering active politics ?
A. Vijay Bahaguna  B. Manohar Parrikar 
C. Prithviraj Chavan D. Virbhadra Singh
Ans : A. Vijay Bahaguna

Deepa Sharma Won 6,40,000/- 

Next Contestant as Johnson to support him :

Ques : With Which TV anchor would you most associate the phrase "The nation wants to know"?
A. Barkha Dutt B. Rajdeep Sardesai  
C. Arnab Goswami D. Vikram Chandra
Ans : C. Arnab Goswami

Ques : In 2013, Which film was selected as the Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film in the Oscars ?
A. The Lunchbox  B. The Good Road  
C. Ship of Theseus D. Lootera
Ans :  B. The Good Road  

Ques : The brow-antlered deer, found mainly in Manipur, is known as what in the local language?
A. Krishna Mriga  B. Jinka  C. Markhor  D. Sangai
Ans : D. Sangai

Ques : In whose honour did the United Nations celebrate 5 September 2013 as the first International Day of Charity ?
A. Nelson Mandela  B. Princess Diana  
C. Mother Teresa D. Martin Luther King Jr.
Ans : C. Mother Teresa

Ques : Which of these cricketers has the distinction of claiming a wicket on the very first ball that he bowled in ODIs ?
A. Ravinder Jadeja  B. Ishant Sharma 
C. Bhuvneshwar Kumar D. Umesh Yadav
Ans : C. Bhuvneshwar Kumar


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