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Deepa Sharma, Jaipur Rajasthan KBC Contestant

Deepa Sharma : KBC Contestant

Here are the Questions asked from here on the set of KBC : Kaun Banega Mahacrorepati

Ques : Tandoori, Khasta and Missi are all types of what ?
A. Dal  B. Rice  C. Roti  D. Vegatables
Ans : C. Roti

Ques : Which of these is true about a leap year ?
A. Has only 28 days in February B. Has 366 days in a year
C. All months have 30 days    D. Has only 365 days in a year
Ans : B. Has 366 days in a year

Ques : Which of these animals is depicted in a zodiac sign?
A. Octopus  B. Turtle  C. Spider  D. Crab
Ans : D. Crab

Ques : The diseases of which kind of animals are described in 'Hastayurveda', a book related to animal diseases ?
A. Elephants  B. Cows  C. camels D. Goats
Ans : A. Elephants 

Ques : Which team won the inaugural edition of the Indian Badminton League?
A. Hyderabad Hotshots  B. Awadhe Warriors
C. Pune Pistons  D. Mumbai Masters
Ans : A. Hyderabad Hotshots 

Ques : Which of these Mughal emperors was imprisoned by his won son ?
A. Akbar  B. Jahangir  C. Aurangzeb   D. Shah Jahan
Ans : Shah Jahan

Ques : Shahtoosh is the name given to a specific kind of exquistic shawl, made from the hair of which animal?
A. Merino  B. Angora  C. Chiru  D. Pashmina
Ans : C. Chiru

Ques : Which of these chief ministers was a High Court judge before entering active politics ?
A. Vijay Bahaguna  B. Manohar Parrikar 
C. Prithviraj Chavan D. Virbhadra Singh
Ans : A. Vijay Bahaguna

Deepa Sharma Won 6,40,000/- 

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