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Kbc7 2nd episodes 7th september 2013 Hussain Moiz Soni, Jamnagar, Gujrat.

 The ever smiling Sushma Mishra departs with Rs.3,20,000!
We wish her the best of luck for her future!

 Lets welcome the talented John Abraham! Sushma Mishra has some added luck to her advantage now!

And our first contestant - Preeti Panwar departs with a mighty 25 Lakhs! We wish you all the best Preeti!What a brilliant game by Preeti Panwar! She is the proud winner of Rs 12,50,000! Will she become India's first Maha-Crorepati?
  Do you think she will become a Maha - crorepati?
 And we have the first contestant of Kaun Banega Crorepati - Season 7! Congratulations Preeti Panwar!

Let's welcome Hussain from Gujrat! He looks like the perfect example of 'Seekhna Bandh To Jeetna Bandh!'

All the best Husi-pedia!

 As the game starts amit sir started asking question and the questions are:

Ques 1 : On a restaurant menu, which of these is a term for a place where people gather for shayari and ghazals?
A. Manchurian  B. Burger  C. Rice  D. Pasta
Ans : C. Rice 

Ques 2 : Which of these is a term for a place where people gather for shayari and ghazals ?

A. Rukhsar  B. Mushaira  C. Shikara  D. Mahabara
Ans : B. Mushaira

Ques 3: Which of these is not a recommended mineral in the human diet ?

A. Strontium B. Potassium  C. Iron  D. Calcium
Ans : A. Strontium 

Ques 4: Who or what is the 'baby' in this recent newspaper headline: "At 66, Mother India gets ready for her 29th baby" ?

A. The Royal baby B. Telangana  
C. INS Vikrant  D. Nargis' last unreleased film
Ans : B. Telangana  

Ques 5 :Who was the president of India at the turn of the century, as the 20th century became the 21st century ?

A. K R Narayan  B. A P J Abdul Kalam  

C. R Venkataraman

D. Shankar Dayal Sharma

Ans :A. K R Narayan 

Ques 6 : The 2013 film 'Lootera' is partly based on which short story by O'Henry ?

A. The Ransom of Red Chief
B. The Gift of the Magi
C. The Last leaf
D. The Third Ingredient
Ans : C. The Last leaf 

Ques 7 : In the Mughal era, which of these harbours was also known as 'Babul Mecca' and 'Meccaidwar'?

A. Bharuch  B. Surat  C. Porbandar  D. Khambat
Ans : B. Surat

Ques 8 : After whom is the annual award, given by the Govt of India to an outstanding handloom weaver, named ?

A. Acharya Vinoba Bhave  B. Sant Kabir
C. Mahatma Gandhi  D. Gul Ahmed
Ans : B. Sant Kabir

That's all he left the game

Hussain Moiz Soni, Jamnagar, Gujrat.

 left the game by winning  Rs. 3,20,000
The next contestant  is 
Rajni Rajput, Bikaner, Rajasthan.


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