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Is it not strange that a small little uncertainty, dissatisfaction, unsolved problem becomes the cause for a major concern, when so many more difficult circumstances level out when they appear ..
Your physical disability could be of concern to many and perhaps to yourself as well, but if the toothpaste is not coming out at the right direction speed and quantity, it could cause worry till the next morning when we shall encounter monsieur Toothpaste again ..
It may be a small and perhaps laughable matter to many but, think of it. Does it not become the most used item in your daily routine, and if that were not to be in order, it does leave a troubled mind …
Some actions remain ingrained in us.How you get up, where you go, what you do first thing in the morning … and when that does not fall into place, it seems to give us anxiety. Particularly for those that travel often. You turn to get off form the right side of your bed like most mornings and you find that there suddenly does not exist a right side .. the door which you address each day has shifted to another unknown destination .. and a disorientated condition prevails .. so adjustments occur … and just when you feel comfortable with the changes, you are back to home and regular conditions ..
Right now I am disturbed by the blinking of my camera. A logo of the make is flashing on the screen and a green charge light keeps it good company, along with a clicking sound which I must say is ‘getting my goat’, to use milder expressions, because this, after all is a family channel …
I went on to the manual on the net … Googled it, read up the malfunction questions and answers, but not a word or sentence about this particular ailment. So … when you have been immersed in tele serials that continuously refer to and connect with gadgetry that provides all kinds of modern methods of espionage, detection and the works … you often wonder whether some secret electronic device is at work, reporting to a master communication center what conjures up at this spot in the residence called Jalsa … !!!
Well … if there are agencies listening in … may I make your task a lot easier …
The entire morning has been spent in clearing up my rather crowded and complicated desk … a feature which to some, indicates a genius at work, or a very disorganised complicated individual… and may I say with utmost honesty at my command that the latter has the most obvious and maximum percentages of reliable information to rely on, than the former ..
Having thus completed my humble tenor for the evening, and perhaps for the night and entire day as well, I feel somewhat relieved and comforted with the fact that, there shall be no further comment or questioning on this subject ..
I have incidentally in the meanwhile decided to put the camera, a Samsung NX300, in the ON mode … the clicking sound has stopped, the logo blink on the screen has stopped, BUT … the green charge light flashing has not …
Which could be indicating that there is no ‘sound’ evidence of material and sting operation in progress … the operation still continues … silently !!!
Hello green light and hello all the system that spy on me and myself … care for some coffee .. it will be a while before I shut shop here and elsewhere .. !!
Ah !!! Went through a script for a possible movie deal, after ages .. interesting ! Now to get back with the acceptance and see what they have to say .. on or off … !!
Alright … time to start on another script, the results for which the makers ask in some urgency for a reaction … so even if the time at the chime would be coming up to 3 am … the night is still young … back pain and all !! which I might add, is not required to be publicised, else there is a deluge of concerned tweets and other media questionings, which does become cumbersome , if I may say so .. 
Oh !! and ‘The Killing’ has a season 3 … which I just discovered on my WD system … so its either another script reading session or … a tele serial !! dadaiiinnn  !! 
Good night dear ones … with love and all that brings happiness to you …


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