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Amitabh Bachan Kbc 7,Kaun Banega Crorepati:Sir Bachan

Wait … ! have patience to bear and explore the possibilities of chance … we expect too much too soon .. insecurity constantly causes us to bother .. where now, where tomorrow, where indeed …
Inconsequential answers to such, make for all the more cause for a turmoiled mind .. and then at the end of the time it becomes imperative to look back and look around and ascertain who we are and what became of us before, and what shall become in time … and the discovery that the differences are ones that need to be thanked for … to the ‘Maker’ to the destiny that nature gave us, to prayers and deeds of elders particularly parents .. of connection to friends and well wishers, of extended families … and so many other ..
Giving up is easy … continuing is tough … the results though bring greater accomplished desire than an easy give up .. lovely thoughts to press into the black tiles of communication .. practising them though will take effort and perseverance … as time passes by, the longevity closes in .. the desire to be settled and secure, to feel the strength of continuity despite the effort of work, shall play without cure … they can have effect on many matters … it should never effect the mind, but it does … methinks it is a given phenomena … humane and vulnerable … accept it without fuss, without temperament, without excuse .. give ourselves the assurance that all that went before and all that remain today have and will experience the same …
Ah … some relief in that thought then …
But … we are all bearing some elements of the self … we want it for us, we may not necessarily want it for the other … naaahh ! that would be horrid .. let them that have, feel the joy without envy … there must be some deed that excelled in them and not us .. rather work to get that zeal than to gaze and lament …
It can never be too late to start … nothing really ever is … there must be pleasure in it, a passion and an indefatigable will .. 
I rant and rave without any purpose and design … it is sometimes the will to just rant on endlessly .. not common, but certainly common in the presence of those you know shall understand and love regardless .. so I rave among you .. and that could be welcome or just simply ignored … one would learn to accept all aspects .. sooo … will you ??
More readings of scripts continue, and more changing of postures to accommodate the ailing back .. they have some highly sophisticated instruments these days … stick it in or on, wire it up, put it on and the current flows in, ebbs and flows again  .. they say it improves the condition .. that and the less number of sitting position hours .. damn !! they take away the best time of the day from me … the time when I spend some of the best looked forward to times, with my Ef .. but repair is needed and needs to be secured ..
And yes … completely forgot … rehearsals for upcoming KBC .. getting close to the recording date ..the jitters and the agony of a non performance invade .. it always does .. and then the expectations of those that make a living out of exploring expectations … not involved, not commissioned at the work, not party to the effort … yet consummate enough to give opinion … that is a job too … 
It is customary then to look at the other and gear up to combat attention through work .. if the work works, all else does .. position, attention, commission … simple .. !!
Need to get down to work … it destroys the other when it does … work is imperative for sanity … live sane , live in achievement and grace for its acceptance … live … and live well … in choice of the extent of the commission it garners … even if it is a farthing !!!
My love


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