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Episode 6 - Priyanshu Gupta, Vineet Kumar - 16th September 2012 - Full Episodes - KBC 2012

Amitabh Bachchan begins the show by saying few inspirational lines and also reveals that all those Contestants who have won a huge amount by playing 'Panachkoti Gyankumbh' Kaun Banega Crorepati is only possible due to the power of Knowledge that they had and the motivation that they got from their pain. Before starting the game with Priyanshu Gupta from Baksar, Bihar who has won Rs. 10,000 by losing his 1 lifeline, a clip of Priyanshu Gupta is shown where his Sister reveals that, he has a habit of talking loud and lots of people assume that he is fighting with the opposite person but he is just having a normal conversation and also loves to make everybody happy no matter whatsoever may be the consequences. On the 4th question, Priyanshu Gupta dances to the tune of an audio clip while he was being questioned and also reveals Amitabh Bachchan that he doesn't watch movies often and manages to win Rs. 40,000. After winning Rs 1,60,000, Priyanshu Gupta gifts him a handmade Sweet specially made by his Father and also requests him to eat it. On the 7th question Priyanshu Gupta uses his rest of the 3 lifelines Audience poll, Phone a Friend and Double Dip and manages to win Rs. 1,60,000 only.The Fastest Finger First hits the computer screen and the fastest and the quickest one to reply is Businessman, Vineet Kumar from Coimbatore and an introductory clip of Vineet Kumar depicts in the background where he reveals that he loves the field of Marketing where he gets to know people's likes and dislikes. Vineet Kumar says that he started his business from home with an amount of Rs. 10,000 which consists of different kinds of Files and also reveals that his employees loves to listen to him whenever he is conversing with them in Tamil language. Vineet Kumar sets his minimum guaranteed money at Rs. 1,60,000. He takes a lifeline, Audience poll on the 4th question and wins Rs.40,000 later, on the 5th question he takes a help of an expert, Rahul Dev and wins Rs. 80,000. Introductory clip of Vineet's Wife Manisha is shown where Vineet reveals about his loving Wife who is very possessive and always takes extra care of him. Vineet Kumar wins Rs. 1,60,000, with no lifelines remaining, he manages to answer the next question and wins Rs.3,20,000. Vineet Kumar magnificently plays the game and takes home an amount of Rs. 6,40,000.Heart throbbing question of Fastest Finger First hit the computer screen and the fastest one to reply is Anshu Prabha from Bhagalpur, Bihar and her clip depicts in the background in which Anshu Prabha introduces her family members and gets emotional as she reveals that her Parents can't stand on their legs and was not treated well at her Grandmother's house where she spend her childhood. Anushu Prabha wishes to handover her winning amount to her Father who didn't had faith in her that she can also achieve something in life. Amitabh Bachchan reveals Anush Prabh that one of the reasons of getting married to his Wife Jaya Bachchan was that she too had a long and beautiful hair. Simi Kumar from Secunderabad wins Rs. 1,00,000 and does not attempt the Jackpot question. Anshu Prabha reveals that she always wanted him to wear a Black outfit as he looks dashing in Black color and manages to win Rs. 1,60,000. Amitabh Bachchan concludes the show by remembering 'Lord Ganesha' as 'Ganesh Chaturthi' is arriving soon.


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