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KBC Registration Practice Question Set no 8

Kaun Banega Crorepati
Registration Question

Hello KBCians , the Registration for the Hotseat will start from 27th of May, but before that you need to pay little attention towards its preparation . As we promised earlier we are putting 10 sets of Registration Questions ( 10 Questions a day for 10 Days). All you need to remember these, it might be possible that, Amitabh Bachchan may ask one of them. So, go on. Here is the first Set of Question. First Try all the question on your own. Lastly answer will be published on Competition Infocus Site.

KBC Registration questions Set No 08 (23rd May 2013)

Ques 01 : Which of these creatures has legs ?
A. Earthworm
B. Caterpillar
C. Leech
D. Snake

Ques 02 : Conjunctivities affects which part of the body ?
A. Nose
B. Ears
C. Eyes
D. Kidney

Ques 03 : What does the 'C' in VCR stand for?
A.  Cassette
B.  Compact
C.  Cable
D.  Cinema

Ques 04 : Which of these would you not find a first-aid kit?
A. Band-aid
B. Cottonwool
C. Pacemaker
D. Gauze Bandage

Ques 05 : Which of these creatures has a sting in its tail ?
A. Termite
B. Cockroach
C. Grass Snake
D. Scorpion

Ques 06 : 'Rabi' and 'Kharif' are terms associated with which of these?
A. Crops
B. Kites
C. Colours
D. Kabaddi

Ques 07 : In Which of India would you find the fort city of Jaisalmer?
A.  Rajasthan
B.  Gujarat
C.  Uttar Pradesh
D.  Madhya Pradesh

Ques 08 : What is the minimum legal age for marriage for men in India ?
A. Eighteen
B. Sixteen
C. Twenty-five
D. Twenty-one

Ques 09 : How many faces does a standard dice have ?
A.  Nine
B.  Four
C.  Six
D.  Twelve

Ques 10 : Which of the following is not a term associated with computers ?
A. Internet
B. Cyber
D. Binary

Now, open your Notebook, note down the questions and find the probable answer and check your answer on the competition Infocus website or check the answer Below : 

Check the Correct answers


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