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KBC Questions of 50th Episode Dated 11th January 2013

Kya aap tayar hai KBC ke dhamakedar episode ke liye? Dekhna mat bhuliye aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par!.....................

Today's Expert : Richa Anirudha and Saina Rahman.

Ten New Contestant are as follows :
  •  Radha Thakur
  •  Tribhuvan Sarkar
  •  Sunmeet Kaur Sawhney
  •  Pradhuman Kumar Gupta
  •  Ruchira Rawat
  •  Sunder lal Madaan
  •  Rajeev Sahu
  •  Mumtaz Abdul Malik
  •  Shagir Ahemad
  •  Shakuntla Deora

All the Questions will be updated during the Episodes... 

Fastest Finger First Question :

Ques : Arrange the following actors in increasing order of the number of films they have acted in
A. Shah Rukh Khan    B. Varun Dhawan   C. Anil Kumar D. Ranveer Singh 
Ans : B-D-A-C.

Ques : Which is the only planet of our solar system that that rotates in a clockwise direction around its own axis ?
A. Earth     B. Jupiter    C. Mars     D. Venus
Ans : D. Venus

Ques :According to the Mahabharata, who made Gandiva , the famous bow of Arjuna ?
A. Brahma  C. Indra   C. Chandra   D. Prajapati
Ans :  A. Brahma

Ques : A Fruit of which of these trees has more than one seed ?
A. Mango  B. Jamun   C. Tamarid  D. Litchi
Ans :  C. Tamarid 

Ques : Who among these is also known as Meghraj and Amresh ?
A. Kubera   B. Vishwakarma   C. Yamraj   D. Indra

Ques : In the stories of Vikram and Betal ,Vikram is the king of which place ?
A. Ujjain   B. Kashi   C. Mathura   D. Prayag

Ans : A. Ujjain  

Ques : Who did Shivraj Singh Chauchan succeed as the chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh ?
A. Babulal Gaur    B.Uma Bharti  C. Digvijay Singh   D. Sunderlal Patwa

Ques : Who won the Battle of panipat that was fought in the eighteenth century ?
A. Sadashivrao  Bhau   B. Akbar   C. Ahmed Shah Abdali  D. Sher Shah Suri

Ques : 



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