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KBC Questions of 31st Episode Dated 23rd November 2012

Dekhna mat bhuliye KBC, aaj raat 8.30 baje sirf Sony Entertainment Television (India) par! Kya aap tayar hai naye episode ke liye!

Continuing with Sharad Kumar. He was playing at 12,50,000/-

Ques : Which colonial power introduced the cultivation and consumption of cashew, potato, tomato and chilli to India ?
A. British              B. Dutch                   C. French            D. Portuguese
Ans :  D. Portuguese

Ques : In 1943, which industrialist established the United Commercial Bank , now known as UCO Bank ?
A. Jamnalal Bajaj         B. Ambalal sarabhai  C. Ghanshayam Das Birla
D. Nowroji Saklatwala
Ans : C. Ghanshayam Das Birla

Today's Expert : Sri Ashok Chakradhar.

Ten New Contestant of this week Episodes are as :
  •  Archika Agrawal, U.P
  •  Bhoop Singh, Haryana
  •   Rajeev Ranjan Nirala, Patna Bihar
  •  Neha Jalali, Kashmir.
  •   Rakhi Jha, M.P
  •   Ravi Badhwan, Punjab
  •   Rahul Tondon, U.P, Muzaffarnagar
  •   Mitra Mohanti, Odisha
  •   Rajna Kumari, Darbhanga, Bihar
  •   Pawan Kumari, Rajasthan
 Fastest Finger First Question : 

Ques : Starting with the earliest , arrange these scientific or mathematical discoveries in chronological order.
A. Concept of Zero
B. Newton's Laws of Motion
C. Einstein's Theory of Relativity
D. Higgs boson particle
Ans : A-D-B-C

First Contestant :   Neha Jalali, Kashmir

Ques 1 : Which of these is the name of a Multi-course meal in Kashmiri Cuisine ?
A. Wazman     B. Gushtaba     C. Yakhni   D. Rogan Josh
Ans : A. Wazman  
Ques 2 : Which of these sports commences when the referee tosses the ball into the air over the centre circle ?
A. Volleyball    B. Basketball    C. Football   D. Tennis
Ans : B. Basketball 
Ques 3 : Often used as a slogan , what is the meaning of the word ' inquilab' ?
A. Surrender   B. Victory       C.  Revolution  D. Long Life
Ans : C.  Revolution
Ques 4 : Which of these organisations won the Nobel prize in 2012 ?
A. European Union     B.International court of justice      C.Greenpeace    
D. International Atomic Energy Agency. 
Ans : A. European Union 
Ques 5 : Which chemical element did Humphry Davy name after a Greek word meaning ' yellowish' green ' ?
A. Chlorine  B. Hydrogen  C. Helium  D. Methane
Ans :  A. Chlorine 
Ques  : Which is the only species of red deer found in India ?
A. Chital  B. Krishna Mriga  C. Hangul  D. Chiru
Ans : C. Hangul
Ques : Where was the first Indian Institute of Management established in 1961?
A. Lucknow   B. Ahmedabad  C. Banglore  D. Calcutta
Ans : D. Calcutta 
Ques : Chali was the summer capital of which of these former princely states ?
A. Jind    B. Patiala  C. Kapurthala  D. Nabha
Ans : B. Patiala

She Won 6,40,000/- ... 

To be continued on Saturday..... 

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