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KBC Questions of 3rd Episode Dated 9th September 2012

 Third Episode of Kaun Banega Crorepati 

Continuing with Manoj kumar Raina. He is Playing on the stage of 12 lakh 50 thousand. Watch  today's show on Sony TV to  Witness how he won  a sum of rupees worth 1 Crore.

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Today's Expert :  Rahul Dev, Jounalist.

Ques No :01: Which of these beauty queens shares her name with the surname of a West Indian Cricket legends ?
A. Diana
B. Priyanka
C. Sushmita
D. Lara
Ans  : D. Lara

Ques NO : 02: Which of these is held annually in India ?
A. Lok sabha Elections.
B. Presidential Elections
C. Budget Session of Parliament.
D. Vidhan Sabha Elections.
Ans : C. Budget Session of Parliament.

Ques No:03: Kamadeva got the name ' Ananga' after he was burned to ashes by the fire of which god's third eye ?
A. Agni
B. Shiva
C. Vishnu
D. Indra
Ans : Shiva

Ques No:04: How many bones does an elephant's trunk have ?
A. 5
B. 1
C. 10
D. 0.

Ans : 0
Ques No:05: In which city is the Peer Dastageer Sahib Shrine that was damaged in a fire in June 2012 Situated ?
A. Srinagar.
B. Ajmer
C. Aligarh
D. Hyderabad
Ans : A. Srinagar.

Ques No:06: Who succeeded General V K Singh as the Chief of Army Staff of India ?
A. Gen Tejinder singh.
B. Gen Dalbir Singh Suhag
C. Gen Deepak Kapoor.
D. Gen Bikram singh
Ans : D. Gen Bikram singh

Ques No:07:  According to Kalhana's 'Rajatarangini', who drained out the water from Kashmir Valley, that was a vast Lake, and made it habitable ?
A. Agastya
B. Kashyapa
C. Valmiki
D. Parashurma
Ans : B. Kashyapa

Ques No:09 : In May 2012, which country's prime minister became its president and the became the prime minister ?
A. Russia
B. Poland
C. Ukrane
D. France
Ans : A. Russia

Ques No:10: In 2011, India's first air-conditioned double -decker train  started between which two cities ?
A. Howrah-Darbhnaga
B. Habibganj-Indore
C. Sealdah-Delhi
D. Howrah-Dhanbad

Ans :D. Howrah-Dhanbad ,   till won 25 lakh

Ques No:11: The awarding of gold medals for first place, silver medals for second and bronze medals for third began in which Olympics ?
A. 1900, Paris
B. 1904, St louis
C. 1908, London
D. 1912, Stockholm

Ans : B. 1904, St louis      won 50 lakh

Ques No :12: worth 1 Crore
In 1860, Which British official became the first auditor General of India ?

A. Sir A F Cox
B. Sir Proby  Cautley
C. Lord Sallsbury
D. Sir Edmund Drummond
Ans :D. Sir Edmund Drummond   He won 1 crore

Ques No :13 : Worth Rs 5 Crore.

 Next Contestent : Koeli rai from Kolkatta .
 Ques No 01: Which  of these sweets are often cast in various moulds to resemble flowers, fruit and shells ?
A. Rosogulla
B. Rasmalai
C. Sandesh
D. Ledikeni
Ans : C. Sandesh

Ques No 02 : What does a Kilo equal to, as in kilometre or kilogram ?
A. 10
B. 100
C. 10000
D. 1000
Ans : D. 1000

Ques No 03: Which of these sportswomen is a five-time world champion in her sport ?
A. Deepika Kumari
B. M C Mary Korn
C. Krishna Poonia
D. Saina Nehwal
Ans : B. M C Mary Korn

Ques No 04: Which of these events is described in the kishkindha kande of the Ramayana ?
 A. Rama meets Hanuman.
B. Rama weds SIta
C. Sita's  kidnapping.
D. Slaying of Ravana
Ans : A. Rama meets Hanuman.

Ques No :05: Which leader made her facebook debut
in 2012 with the post ' I gave voice to what millions of Indians went to see in a President ?

A. Mamata Banerjee
B. Sonia Gandhi
C. Mayawati
D. Jayalalithaa
Ans : A. Mamata Banerjee

Ques No :06: In February 2012, What jubilee was celebrated by queen Elizabeth II, the longest reigning monarch of Britian ?
A. Platinum Jubilee
B. Silver Jubilee
C. Diamond Jubilee
D. Golden Jubilee
Ans : C. Diamond Jubilee

Ques No :07: Who is the first woman to become CEO  of the soft drink giant PepsiCO ?
A. Virginia Rometty
B. Indra Nooyi
C. Ursula Burns
D. Meg Whitman

Ans :B. Indra Nooyi

Ques No:08: In Which of these events did Pinki Pramanik win a gold medal at the 2006 Doha Asian Games ?
A. 4x400 m relay
B. 800 m
C. Discus Throw
D. 400 m

Ans : A. 4x400 m relay, 
======Koeli quits game at 6,40,000==========

Next Player : Archana Harale.
Ques No :01 : Which of these is the title of a film starring Akshay Kumar and Sonakshi Sinha ?
A. Bajirao Singham
B. Rowdy Rathore
C. Robinhood Pandey
D. Lovely Singh.
Ans : B. Rowdy Rathore

Continuing with Archana harale...  

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