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Process followed by CCE with selected Registrants of Kaun Benega Crorepati

The following process will be followed by the CCE once connected with the selected Registrants:

 If the receiver of the call confirms immediately to the CCE that he/she is the Registrant, then the Registrant will have to choose between Hindi & English language, after which the CCE‟s will ask the Registrant to provide his/her Name. 

The CCE‟s will confirm his/her availability on the /audition dates and the shoot dates. In the event the Registrant is available on the dates mentioned, the CCE will capture the address and other details required to continue with the registration. In the event the Registrant is not available on those dates, the Registrant will not be permitted to continue with the registration process and shall be considered as disqualified from further participation. The CCE will thereafter inform the Registrant about the transfer to the automated IVR* mode. 

The IVR will then ask the Registrant to (i) enter his/her age (in completed years); and (ii) enter his/her gender; and (iii) provide information on their education and occupation by choosing the options provided by the IVR. Next the IVR will ask the Registrant to give answer to two „skill based‟ questions asked one after another, and give one answer to „nearest to answer‟ question** (i.e the answer provided by the Registrant must be closest to the correct answer). 

Upon the Registrant answering the above mentioned questions by selection of the options given by IVR to the respective questions and as per the correct format, the Registrant if selected will receive a call within the next few days for further participation. *For all questions where the Registrant is asked to provide an input by the IVR, if the input is not received within 6 seconds, the IVR repeats the question once. If no answer is received for a second time, the IVR plays the next question. 

If an invalid option is provided, the IVR gives one more attempt, then moves to the next question. Further, each time the Registrant enters an answer option, he/she is played out his/her choice, and asked to confirm the same. **The „nearest to answer‟ question is an open-ended question (e.g. what is the distance in km between Mumbai and Agra) for which the Registrant is required to enter the answer number, then press the star / hash key.

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Kbc Registration process and date

1. KBC Registration for All users starting 2017
2. For IDEA Users starting from 2017
3. Jodi Special General Users
4. Jodi Special Idea Users will update