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KBC Questions of First Episode Dated 15th August (Live)

 KBC Statred with the Introdution of Contestent and Song of Shankar -Ehsoon-Loy, dedicating to Independence Day ans Sammi Kapoor. Suiting was Done in Film City in Navi Mumbai.

Here are the Ten Contestants :

1. Verda Desai.
2. Musthka Raj
3. Salina Guranj
4. Nasim Khan
5. Vivek Varthak
6. Valentine Mirchi
7. Archana Goswami
8. Sawita Potle
9. Pushpa Kumari
10.Virendra Pal Singh

Fastest Finger First Question :-

Arrange these Words in order to turn the line of Patriotic Song ?

A. Jahaan
B. Saare
C. Acchcha
D. Se

First Contestant :  Virendra Pal Singh , 
From New Delhi, 23 Years old. ( He is a Content Writer ).

Experts Are :-  1. Goban Irani   and 2.  Sumith Awasthi.

Ques No 01. Complete the Hindi Proverb
" Maan Changa tha Kattothi Mein ...................." ?

A. Yamuna
B. Shipra
C. Narmada
D. Ganga

Ans : Ganga.

Ques No .02 :  Which of these Beauty queens may also be identified as Mrs. Mukesh Bhupati

A. Lara Dutta
B. Dia Mirza

Ans : Lara Dutta

Ques NO : 03 : Who is the Author of this Doha " Aisi Bani Boliye Mann Ka Aapa Khoya , Auran Ko Sital Kare , Aaphu Sital Hoye " ?

A. Rahim
B. Kabir
C. Tulsi Das
D. Aamir Khusrao

Ans : Kabir

Ques No : 04 : In Which film did this Song Feature ?

" Ye Chaand Sa Roshan Cheraa "

A. Junglee
B. Kashmir Ki Kali
C. An Evening in Paris
D. Teesri Manzil

Ans : Kashmir Ki Kali

Ques No : 05 :According to Constitution of India " Which of these has the Power to Remit a Death Sentence  ?

A. Chief Justice of India
B. Prime Minister
C. President
D. Lok Sabha Speaker

Ans : President

Ques No : 06: Ukraine based Yuri -Ogorodnik has Coached India's National Team in which Sport ?

A. Cricket
B. Athletics
C. Hockey
D. Basket Ball

Ans : Athletics

Ques No : 07 :Shatabdi Express trains were given their name of Commemorate the Birth Centenary of Which Personality ?

A. Mahatma Gandhi.
B. Subhash Chandra Bose
C. Jawahar Lal Nehru
D. Sardar Patel.

Ans : Jawahar Lal Nehru

Ques No 08 :  Whose First name are Kisan Babu Rao ?

A. Baba Amte
B. Baba RamDev
C. Swami Agnivesh
D. Anna Hazare.

Ans : Anna Hazare

At this Stage Virendra Pal Singh Won 3,20,000/-

Next Contestant : Archana Goswami , She is from Varanasi Uttar Pradesh.

Ques No 01 : Which of these Proverb has the same meaning " Aankhein Char Hona " ?

Options are : 
A. Aankhe Mein Gadna
B. Aankhe Kholna
C. Aankhe Milana
D. Aankhe Me dhool Jhokna

Ans : C. Aankhe Milana

Ques No : 02: According to Mahabharata, Who Protected  Draupdi Honour During
" Chir Haran " ?

Options are :

A. Bheema
B. Arjun
C. Krishna
D. Bheeshma

Ans : C. Krishna

Ques No : 03 : The Titles of all the twelve films directed by Rakesh Roshan begin with What Letter of English Alphabet ?

A. I
B. J
C. L

Ans : D.         K

Ques No : 04 : According to the Constitution of India, what Role does Attorney General Fulfill for the Government of India ?

Options are :-

A. Financial Advisor
B. Defence Advisor
C. Legal Advisor
D. Technological Advisor

Ans : Legal Advisor

Ques NO : 05 :Identity the Sportsmen from the Audio Clip ?

A. Gautham Gambhir
B. M. S Dhoni
C. Suresh Raina
D. Yuvraj Singh 

Ans : M.S Dhoni

Ques NO : 06 : To the Royal Family of Which Country do Prince William and Kate Middle Town belong ?

A. Denmark
B. Spain
C. Australia

Ans : D. U K

Ques No : 07 :Who is the Music Composer of the Song " Dhin Chika " from the Film "Ready " ?

A. Pritam

C. Salim- Suleman
D. Shankar Mahadevan

Ans : B. Devi Sri

She Won Nothing , So Sorry.


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